BR Calc for iPhone

Make it simple…

As an executive of the Brazilian branch of a multinational company operating in a very competitive business segment, I soon discovered the importance of sales tax . However, calculating sales tax and the “real net” sales price can be a bit tricky. Some of the sales force dominated these calculations, while the majority had problems getting it right.

What if there was a simple way of handling the different calculations for different products to different states utilizing a calculator?

The answer is BR-Calc for iPhone

The calculator allows “tax sets” to be created and stored under given names. These are pre-configured combinations of ICMS, PIS/COFINS (or ISS) and IPI.

By entering net input costs and desired added value, the total net and all taxes are immediately calculated and displayed. Freight and finance can also be added, and by clicking a few buttons a summary calculation is included in an e-mail that can be used for sharing the result or for archiving.

BR-Calc for iPhone is also an excellent calculator

  • Supports algebraic and RPN notation (used on HP calculators)
  • Includes trigonometric and log functions
  • Custom converters allows definition of any linear conversion
  • 10 memory registers
  • Touch responsive keys